Market Linked Interest without Market Risk

Interest earnings tied to the performance of a stock index. You bear none of the risk.

Is it possible to earn interest linked to a stock market index without risking your money? Absolutely! Fixed Index Annuities protect your money from loss, yet earn interest linked to a stock market index.

Fixed Index Annuities

Take advantage of market-linked interest – you can’t lose your principal or even interest that’s been earned and credited! Other benefits include:

  • No market risk – Your money is guaranteed in contract by top insurance companies
  • Earning more interest than other “safe money” accounts, like savings and CDs
  • Interest that is only taxed on withdrawal
  • Flexibility – terms from 3 to 10 years
  • No fees like mutual funds or variable annuities
  • Creditor protection – many states protect annuities from garnishments or seizure

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