Guaranteed Lifetime Income

Eliminate the worry that you’ll outlive your income.

You’ll always have an income stream with an Income Annuity

Immediate Annuity

An annuity, in it’s purest form, is an income for life like a pension of social security. You trade your lump sum premium for an income for life, a period of years or a combination of the two.

Lifetime Income Rider

A Lifetime Income Rider will allow you to withdraw money from your account value in far greater amounts than you normally would without a safety net because you are guaranteed payments as long as you live! Even if you run out of money, you will never run out of income.

  • If you ever deplete your deferred annuity, you still get payments for life
  • Some Income Accounts are guaranteed to grow from 6% to 7% per year
  • Lifetime withdrawal amounts are from 4% to 8%
  • Incredible flexibility – start or stop payments at any time
  • Single life or joint life payouts
  • You can cancel after term chosen and get your remaining account value
  • Longevity and investment risk is assumed by the insurance company.

Stop the retirement income worries. Beat your bank account’s interest rate. And best of all, eliminate the risk of out living your hard-earned money! There is a small fee for these riders.

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