Fixed Deferred Annuities

Learn all about fixed deferred annuities!

Benefits of Fixed Annuities

  • Tax-Free
  • No Losses

We are going to discuss the features and benefits of traditional annuities. A fixed annuity is basically a place to park your safe money, money you don’t want to lose because of stock market declines. They are similar to bank products such as CDs, but really they are alternatives. Like a money market or CD, fixed annuities have no fees, meaning no money is withdrawn from your account to pay for your fees. Fees can be a silent killer of any portfolio.

Would you like to earn 300% more than what the banks pay?

You can do that today with a traditional fixed annuity which are available to earn about 300% more than bank products. Also the interest you earn on fixed annuities is taxed deferred, assuming it’s non qualified money or not IRA type money. It’s what I call just plain old money. Tax deferral, where you don’t have to pay tax on the interest if you don’t need the interest, is a great advantage to fixed annuities.

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Other Fixed Annuity Options

Half of my business is qualified or IRA type business and the other half is non qualified or just plain old money. Whether you have qualified money or you have money that is not tax qualified you can set up a fixed annuity. We have have CD type annuities with terms for a number of years. Right now, because interest rates are so low, the shortest term we can get on a CD type annuity is three years and they go up to ten years. We also have what I call floating rate fixed annuities, where the interest rate will be declared every year and guaranteed for that year. If rates go up, you could possibly earn a higher interest rate with a new interest guarantee.