Annuity with Long Term Care Benefits

Do you have any money sitting in a bank, brokerage account or fixed annuity? If you don’t need the interest to live on from that money, consider this.

Move a portion of that money into a “safe money” account that will be worth up to 3 times the amount for long term care expenses. And if you never need long-term care, your account value will be paid to your beneficiary.

If you don’t have long term care insurance, in effect, you’re self-insuring.

Consider the odds of:

  • Having a car accident – 0.33% (3 in 900)
  • Having a residential fire – 0.77% (7 in 900)
  • Being admitted to a critical care unit – 2.3% (21 in 900)
  • Needing long-term care – 70% (630 in 900)

A-65-year-old woman with a $50,000 bank CD moves the CD into this “safe money” account. This account is now worth $150,000 for long term care expenses, tax free! If she never needs long-term care, at her death, her beneficiary receives the full account value.

Let “The Safe Money Man” show you how to triple your money for long term care. Learn how to free up incredible amounts of your existing money with a “safe money” account, while ensuring your needs will be taken care of in the future!

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